Initial treatment

An acupuncture session that includes a consultation of health history, current and past medical conditions, medications, diet and supplements.  Herbal therapy recommendations are included based on history and diagnostic exam (1-2hrs)

Follow up treatment

An acupuncture session that includes a brief consultation of current conditions, medications, diet and supplements. Herbal therapy recommendations are also included based on current needs and diagnostic exam (1 hr)

Mini Treatment

A brief acupuncture session consisting of treatments using ear points to help bring the body back in balance (1/2 hr)

Herbal Therapy

Formulas are designed and created based on an individual's history and diagnostic exam making each formulation is customized to your specific needs.


Glass cups are applied to the skin using suction to increase and stimulate the blood flow to muscles and alleviate pain. This modality can be a stand alone treatment or used in conjuntion with acupuncture

Gua Sha

Friction is applied to the skin surface to release toxins located underneath to alleviate pain and to increase and stimulate blood flow.  This modality can be a stand alone treatment or used in conjuntion with acupuncture

Acupoint Therapy

This technique is used for patients who are sensitive and prefer a gentle approach to treatment.  It is a non-insertion modality where a specialized blunt ended needle is used and sits on top of acupuncture points to achieve the same effects as traditional acupuncture. This modality can be used as a stand alone treament or used in conjuction with acupuncture 

Distance Healing

Patient is required to have a quiet place to relax and remain undisturbed during this process. Telehealth treatment performed remotely over the phone while in the comfort of your own home at your convenience.  This is an energetic healing treatment using sound therapy and "qi" needles to acquire balance within the body.  

Initial treatment (1hr-2hrs): $110

Follow-Up treatment (1 hour):  $85

Distance Healing: (45 mins):  $60