Deanna Damasen LAc

Believe it or not, I AM AFRAID OF NEEDLES!


My patients are always curious as to why I chose this path considering my phobia of needles.  My answer is always the same, "BECAUSE IT CHANGED MY LIFE".


I have always struggled with migraines throughout my life starting in my teenage years and progressively getting worse as I got older.  I hit rock bottom in my thirties, taking a cocktail of painkillers to just dampen the pain I was experiencing.  I lived by candlight for a month and was on disability.  Then one day, a friend recommended acupuncture and at that time I was so desparate that I was willing to face my fears! I was never the same after that first treatment, IT CHANGED ME.  Never in my life had I ever felt so relieved and relaxed!  All it took was a few needles and I was pain free! Incredidible!  After a few treatments and dietary changes, I gained my life back.  


It is a debt that I happily repay with full gratitude each time I step into the office to treat my patients.

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